I am Catrine, a Boston based food stylist.  I was born in France and when I was 2 my parents decided to immigrate to Canada.  I grew up with a French/European upbringing in the heart of Montreal where the pleasures of the table with good food, good wine and great friends is a way of life.  My father, a French trained butcher has been a pivotal influence in my appreciation of food as a craft; thus my identity as “la fille du boucher/the butcher’s daughter”.

Lush gardens, farm raised animals and beautiful table settings with food as a celebration of life is where I come from and where I keep coming back.  This blog is about sharing that philosophy along with my recipes and some from friends, family and clients who keep me inspire and teach me something new every day.

You can also view my work at http://www.ckfoodstylist.com

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CK, la fille du boucher

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