Kitchen tools I like

When it comes to being in the kitchen we all have our favorite knife to cut with, the mug or glass we drink in and of course those fun tools/gadgets/small appliances.  I thought I would share some of mine with you once in a while.


micro grater with parmesanBy now mostly everybody is using a micro grater and you can find them in speciality kitchen /cooking stores as well as discount and outlet stores.  I use my micro grater mostly for grating parmesan, nutmeg and for zesting citrus but also when I need a fine grate for chocolate, ginger and even garlic.


citrus press with limes and lemonsWhat did I do before I had this tool in my life! Squeezing by hand with a fork into the flesh of the lemon or lime, having to deal with straining to get rid of the seeds.  This press gets the most juice out of the fruit and the seeds never make their way out.  Again one of those gadgets that you can find basically in all food and kitchen related stores.  They are also sold in the fruit section of grocery store next to the lemons and limes.  Just make sure when you purchase one that it is not made out of plastic but out of metal, as you will get more leverage when pressing.


thermapenThis is my most expensive tool.  I got it as a gift from my husband one year and was shocked when I discovered the price! About $100 and they are not sold in discount stores!  But you can sometimes find them on amazon or on their site at a reduction for around $89.  All that to say that it is a great tool to have in the kitchen, one of those tools that makes you think : how did I live without you? It is especially great when you need that precise moment when your sugar has to reach that perfect temperature for making caramel.  The reading is instant so great for roasting and grilling meat.  The fact that they now come in different colors makes you wish you could own more then one.

I have a few more tools and appliances that I will post about in the coming months – hoping this will help you in your kitchen.  What are your favorite tools?

from my kitchen to yours

CK, la fille du boucher

Hard boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs with saltA post on boiling an egg? Well, yes.  I love hard boiled eggs – a good hard boiled egg that is.  Believe me it’s an easy thing to “mess” up.  I don’t want it boiled to a pulp, none of that grey ring around the yolk.  Funny enough the fresher the egg the harder to peel! We get our eggs from a local farm and I wait a week if I want to make hard boiled eggs.  They will keep it in the fridge for 4 to 5 days but in our house they don’t make it that long.  Egg salad for sandwiches, chopped in a bed of greens or simply on their own with some finishing salt they are SO delicious.

HARD BOILED EGGS  (for 6 eggs)

Put the eggs in a single layer in the bottom of a saucepan.  You don’t want to crowd the pan or have the eggs on top of each other, they will crack.  Cover the eggs with cold water, covering them by about 2 inches. Cover the pot and bring the water to a boil.  Just as it starts boiling, take off the heat and let sit covered for 17 minutes.

Drain the eggs and run under cold water.  The eggs will peel easier if cold.  Put them in the fridge and peel when ready to use.

A little “styling” trick: when making deviled eggs and you want the yolk right in the middle of the egg, let the carton sit in the fridge on its side overnight, you will have perfectly centered yolks.egg shells

From my kitchen to yours,

CK, la fille du boucher

Decorating The Thanksgiving Table

pumpkin centerpieceFor many,  along with having the Thanksgiving meal ready there is the added stress of setting a pretty table.  I personally like my table simple and on a small budget.  It’s fine in the summer when the flowers are abundant in the garden but in November? No worry, you can still bring the outside in and here are a few ideas.evergreens and roses

Go take a walk in the backyard or in the woods and cut small branches of evergreen: boxwood, pine, cedar.  They will make a great base or filler for you centerpieces. holiday spray rose centerpiece

Mix those greens with spray roses bought at the supermarket.  Those inexpensive flowers are one of my favorite: they come in a variety of colors and with their small cluster of roses you feel you get a lot for your money.  Cut them down and arrange them in small glass, ceramic or silver containers.persimmons

This time of year, grocery stores offer a variety of beautiful fruits .  Arranging them on pedestals, bowls or plates and garnished with greens will dress up the table, and provide the added bonus of being able to eat them the next day.  You can play with pomegranates, quince, kumquats, baby pears, apples or herb centerpiece

Don’t limit yourself to flowers – arrange a variety of herbs in small glasses or jelly jars.

While waiting for your guest, transform your cocktail setup into a centerpiece: champagne glasses and bottle on a pretty champagne center piece

For a festive touch, fill small shallow bowls with cranberries, kumquats or chestnuts; add a small votive candle.

holiday centerpiece with candlesLet your imagination run! The combinations are endless!chestnuts

NOTE:  Don’t throw that turkey carcass away! My next post will be about making turkey stock.quince

From my kitchen to yours! Happy Thanksgiving!

CK, la fille du boucherholiday fruit centerpiece